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Regarding [BH-eConnect] supported by which operating system versions, please refer to the latest information displayed on Google Play or App Store.

“BH e-Connect” is a new one-stop app developed by Hong Kong Baptist Hospital (HKBH) and specially designed for our patients. It connects patients and our hospital and empower patients to manage their health. Through this app, users will be able to keep track of their own and their family members' medical records at HKBH; keep up-to-date with our latest news and make appointments for specialist consultations. Users can also access information on their appointments, medication and allergy records anytime, anywhere.

Account and Registration

We have 3 different types of accounts to meet users’ needs

No registration required. Visitors could access HKBH’s general information, including location and transportation information and the service hours of our Out-Patient centre and specialist clinics.


Become a member by completing a simple registration procedure. Apart from the hospital’s general information, member can make appointments for themselves and their family members, managing their health easily.


After successful identity verification, patient can view upcoming appointments and attendance records, also access your dispensing records, drug information and allergy records.

Carer Function

Member can activate the “carer” function to make appointments for their family members and access their medication records and allergy records.

Carer Function

Easy and convenient


Make Appointments

My Appointments

Patient or their carer could access and manage their appointments and access to the relevant information including the location of the medical centre, appointment date and time.


Users can make specialist appointments for themselves and their family members


BH e-Connect will remind you 1 day to 2 days before the date of the appointment by push notifications on your mobile phone.

Make Appointments

Medication Records

Medication Records /
Allergy Records

User can access their and their family members medication and allergy records in HKBH.

General Rules for  
Taking Medication

Users can access the rules and precautions for taking medications

Medication Records

Patient Reports

Investigation Reports

Users can access their own and their family members’ investigation reports of past 2 years 

Patient Reports

Practical Information

Services overview  

Services of our specialist clinics including service hours and contact information


Information of our healthcare professionals

General Service    

Access our general service charges

Transportation and

Location and transportation information, building guide are available on “BH e-Connect”

Hospital Information
Hospital News  

Keep up-to-date on HKBH’s news and policy


Stay up-to-date with our latest  promotions

Health Education 

Read the latest news about health education from HKBH

About HKBH    

Learn more about the development of HKBH

Hospital Information

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